Board Member Info

There is an Annual Homeower’s Meeting held the 1st TUESDAY in FEBRUARY each year.  It is during this meeting that our Financial Report is reviewed as well the election of Board Members.  Exact date, time, and location will be sent via USPS mail a few weeks before the meeting.  The meeting info will also be posted on the main page of this website. A notice will also be found near the 3 mailboxes a few days prior to the meeting.

Board Meetings are held each quarter.  Homeowners are welcome to attend the quarterly Board Meeting and a Homeowner’s Forum is conducted at the start of the meeting.  The exact date and time of the meeting is chosen a few months in advance of the meeting, however the meetings generally follow this schedule:

  • 1st TUESDAY in February (immediately following the Annual Homeowner’s Meeting)
  • 1st TUESDAY in APRIL
  • 1st TUESDAY in JULY (this is typically moved due to the 4th of July holiday)

The meeting info will be posted on the main page of this website a few weeks before the meeting.  There is not a USPS mailing notice for the quarterly Board Meetings, only for the yearly meeting.

Board Members serve on the Board for a period of 2 years.  Officers are selected yearly from the pool of Board Members.  Current Board responsibilities are:



Term Expires

Anne Strange President 2/2021
Susan Becker Vice President 2/2021
Melanie Cross Secretary 2/2021
Tyson DerDerian Treasurer  
James Devens Member at Large