Repairs / Upkeep

As homeowner’s perform maintenance and upkeep on their properties, please remember that home exteriors must conform to the guidelines set forth in the Townes at Waterford Disclosure Documents.

Exterior doors  |    Exterior light fixtures    |   Paint, fences, roofing  |   Tree Standards

April 2013: The Architectural Inspections of cluster homes were completed in April.  In May TWC sent a letter along with a list of the item(s) that needed to be addressed to homeowners. Where appropriate, pictures were included that showed the location of the repair(s) that needs to be made. All repairs and updates must be completed by July 31, 2013.  A sample of the form used can be found here:

This area contains links to the current painting guidelines:

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  • standard replacement exterior light fixtures
  • and standard replacement exterior doors.

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