Tree Standards

Below are descriptions and photos of our approved trees. Here are the costs of the new cluster trees if you (the homeowner) purchase the tree from Growing Earth Tree Care. This includes digging the proper size hole, planting the tree, staking the tree if necessary, and mulching the tree. The trees will be single trunk and at least 6’ tall.

You should water your new tree until it is established if we don’t get enough rain.

  1. American Hophornbeam- $650
  2. Star Magnolia – $620
  3. Sweetbay Magnolia – $475
  4. Serviceberry – $475
  5. Sourwood – $650
  6. Eastern Redbud – $350

If you decide to purchase your tree from Growing Earth, call Brian Callen at (703) 818-8228 or email at You can also arrange to have your dead Ash tree taken down and the stump ground up. This cost for the tree removal varies between $300-$350.

If you want to see what these trees look like, here is a list of trees planted at several neighbors’ homes:

1. American Hophornbeam – 11488, 11500, 11507, 11522
2. Serviceberry – 11512, 11520
3. Star Magnolia – 11502
4. Sweetbay Magnolia – 11490, 11505, 11508



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