Trash Schedule

American Disposal Services picks up our trash and items to be recycled.

~    Monday mornings – Trash and recycling materials
~    Thursday mornings – Trash only
~    Please have your trash in a can with a lid out on the curb in front of your house before 7 am on pick-up days

We encourage all residents to recycle all the items listed at

Trash can be put out the night before the scheduled pick-up day but it must be in container with a lid (so birds and rodents can’t get to the trash). Recycling materials should be put in the recycling box provided by American Disposal Services. If you need a trash can or recycling box, please call or e-mail:

American Disposal Services
10370 Central Park Dr, Manassas, VA 20110
(703) 368-0500

American Disposal will do special picks-ups but you must call to arrange for the pick-up.

Here is some information about how to dispose of paint:

1) Paint cans (or any large or bulk items) are only picked up on Thursdays (not Mondays)
2) Paint must be dried/hardened using a commercial hardener, kitty litter, etc.
3) Cans must be outside of the bins, and must have the lids off so they can verify that the paint
has hardened
4) American Disposal prefers that you call to make note of the pickup, but this isn’t absolutely