Welcome Letter For New Residents

The Townes at Waterford Cluster Information


Welcome to our cluster

On behalf of the Waterford Cluster Board, welcome to our neighborhood.  We are glad that you have chosen to live-in our cluster.   Here is some information that will help you settle into your new home quickly and tell you where to go if you have questions regarding the cluster or the Lake Anne area.

Inside the Cluster

Important information that cluster residents need to know about, such as cluster events, repairs, etc., will be posted at the mail boxes.

Delivery of Mail – There are three cluster mail boxes and the letter carrier usually arrives between 9-11 am Monday through Saturday.  You can put your outgoing mail in your box but push your outgoing mail all the way to the back of your mail box so the carrier will see it. If you should lose your mail box key, you can get a replacement key from the Reston Post Office but it will cost you $30.00 and take at least a week to get a new one.

Trash and Recycling Services – American Disposal Services (http://www.americandisposal.com/) provides the cluster’s recycling and trash services. The cost of these services is included in your cluster dues.  Trash and recycling is on Mondays and the pick-up times vary.  They use different trucks to pick up the trash and recycling materials. We suggest that you write your house number of your trash can and recycle box.  Most residents put their trash/recycling out the night before the scheduled pick-up, if you do, you must put your trash inside a trash can.

Please refer to the list on the American Disposal Services website (http://americandisposal.com/acceptedrecycling.php) to see what you can recycle. We encourage you to recycle as much as possible.  Only trash is picked up on Thursdays.  Please put your trash in a trash container and recycled items in the boxes that American Disposal Services provides.  To get a box, please call (703)368-0500.

Cluster Website – You can access the cluster website at www.townesatwaterford.com for other information about cluster board meetings, cluster standards for such things as paint, light fixtures, door hardware, etc., a directory of your neighbors.   We would appreciate your filling out the resident form so your information can be included in the directory.  You need a password to access the cluster directory: www.townesatwaterford.com…..password available from davewaldrup@gmail.com.

Exterior Changes to Your Townhouse

If you want to make changes to the exterior of your house, you must follow the guidelines provided in The Townes at Waterford Cluster Association Disclosure Documents which you should have received from your real estate agent at the time of your settlement.  We have standards for such things as paint, exterior light fixtures, door hardware. Any exterior changes must be approved by the cluster board first and then Design Review Board of the Reston Association.

Cluster Dues – Cluster dues are due on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.  TMC Association Management collects cluster dues. You will receive a statement from them several weeks before the payment is due.   The statement will provide information on the options you have for paying your dues

Their address is:

TMC Association Management

397 Herndon Parkway, Suite 100

Herndon, VA 20170 (703) 437-5800

TMC also manages our contracts for lawn maintenance and snow removal. Currently these services are provided by Blade Runner. TMC also oversees the repairs to any of the cluster’s infrastructure such as paving our streets, repairing fences, landscape issues, street light fixtures, etc.

Cluster Social

The cluster holds an annual cluster social in September.  Once the event is scheduled, signs will be posted at the mail boxes and information will be posted on our website.

 Cluster Board Members:

President – Anne Strange, 11496 Waterhaven Court, (703) 437-8277, akss@comcast.net
Vice President – Jane Blanchard, 11472 Waterhaven Court, (703) 318-9780
Secretary – Mike Sakahara, 11509 Waterhaven Court, (703) 437-3941, moke@sprintmail.com
Treasurer – Melanie Cross, 1688 Waterhaven Drive, (703) 919 6866, missmel08@gmail.com
Member at large – Susan Becker, 11500 Waterhaven Court, (703)439-0060, susanbecker2010@gmail.com
TWC Management – Kim Hendon, khendon@twcmangement.com (703)437-5800

Cluster Board Meetings
The cluster board meets once a quarter in board member’s homes except for the Annual Board Meeting which is held at the Lake Anne Community Center, Lake Anne Village Plaza in February. The meetings are held of the first Tuesday of February, April, July and October. The meetings start at 7:30 and all residents are welcome to attend the meetings.

Outside the Cluster……..we encourage all our residents to support the shops and restaurants at Lake Anne Village Center

Lake Anne Plaza

You are a 10 minute walk from Lake Anne Village Center which has restaurants, coffee shop, drug store, florist/wine /chocolate shop, cupcake/gelato shop, used book store, nail shop, hair salon and barber shop. See www.lakeanneplaza. com for more information  about what  is going on there.

Reston Farmers Market

There is a weekly farm market on Saturdays from 8am – noon in the parking lot outside of Lake Anne Plaza.   The farm and craft markets operate from the first weekend in May to the last weekend of October.

See www.restonfarmersmarket.com for details. There is also a large craft market on the plaza at the same time as the farm market.

Outdoor Concerts

During the summer (June – August) there are weekly musical concerts on Thursday nights on Lake Anne Plaza from 7-9 pm.  The concerts are free.  A schedule of the concerts will be posted on the Lake Anne Village Center website in early June.  See www.lakeanneplaza.com

Reston Museum

The museum located on Lake Anne Plaza tells the history of Reston, has a gift shop and often features works from local Reston artist. The museum also sponsors lectures on a wide range of topics having to do with Reston.  The museum is located at 1639 Washington Plaza is open Tuesday-Friday from 12 -5 pm and Saturday 10 am – 5 pm.

Lake Anne Swimming Pool and Tennis Court (pool and courts are on North Shore Drive)

You are within walking distance of the Lake Anne pool which is managed by the Reston Association. The pool usually opens mid-May and closes mid-September.  In additional to the pool there is a hot tub.  The pool is heated in May and September. You must purchase an annual pool pass to use the pools and tennis courts. See reston.org for details on how to purchase a pool pass. You are also close to the Reston Association tennis courts and ball fields located on Fairway Drive.

Walks around Lake Anne

There is a path that goes all the way around Lake Anne and other paths that lead to Reston Town Center and Tall Oaks Village Center. It takes about 30 -45 minutes to walk around the entire lake. You can start your walk on the cluster path between townhouses 11480 and 11484. This path leads to a Reston Association path which will take you down to the lake.

Again, welcome to our cluster and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.